Finals Are Rapidly Approaching

This website offers great techniques to prepare for the big final test. The best tip? Start early. Contact Bullseye Learning, and we can get you a tutor to prepare you for any test.

Understanding DNA

This video does a good job in explaining the structure of DNA to high schoolers. It also uses colors to help students better understand this structure. Sometimes the best way for students to understand something is to see it or draw it themselves.

Keep Your Freshman on Track

These tips will help your high school freshman succeed this school year. Bullseye Learning tutors help guide freshmen and all students through high school and beyond.

Great Super Bowl Math Activities

Here are some good math activities for middle and high school students. Bullseye Learning tutor help students in all subjects by relating learning to what's going on in the world.

SAT Math Tips

The SATs are rapidly approaching. If you haven't already taken them, here is a good tip/trick to use when figuring out a math problem.

Teens Just Don't Smell It

Sometimes teens may bring on some unpleasant odors, but they might just not smell that odor.

Dusting for Prints

This activity gives your high schooler a CSI experience as they learn about and study fingerprints.

FREE Online Math Tools For Your High School

These three websites/aps provide the right practice for high school math that doesn't hurt your budget.

Writing the Right Way

Bullseye Learning tutors help students learn the right way to make a great essay.

Too much testing?

At Bullseye Learning, we help students master test-taking skills, but the State Senate wonders if there is just too much testing.

Coding: A New Type of Foreign Language

Foreign languages are key parts of the high school curriculum that tutors can help students student and learn. Coding is also a useful "language" for students to learn because it can have a positive impact on their career and success.

Succeeding In High School

This article gives good advice on additional steps you can take to help your high schooler succeed.

Preparing for the EOC Exam

In this video, the instructor shows how to answer a sample question from an End of Course(EOC) Exam. As the EOC and other exams approach, having a good tutor is key in preparing your student for success.

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