Salt Water to Drinkable Water!

At times we may feel preschoolers are too young for science experiments. This simple science experiment teaches preschoolers about evaporation and the water cycle.

Clever Ways to Teach ABCs

Teaching youngsters ABCs is a key reading skill but don't stop with just the song. Help them identify the letters in their name and focus on letter sounds. Bullseye tutors offer fun games and activities to help teach letters and their sounds.

Counting Practice

This site offers a good counting exercise for youngsters. At Bullseye Learning tutors can work with young students to help them with skills such as counting to help them excel in school

Vowel Bat!

Look out for Vowel Bat! This cute song helps preschoolers learn their vowel sounds. This skill helps them sound out letters as they learn to read.

Super Bowl Coloring Pages

These coloring pages are a good way to teach your preschooler the basics about the big game. At Bullseye Learning, we offer individualized tutoring to meet the needs of each student.

Fun Indoor Activities for Your Toddler

These are some great ideas. The signature storytelling will really boost your youngsters creativity and the sensory tales are really fun! Building your child's creativity will also help preschoolers prepare for Kindergarten.

Yummy! Math Using Pizza!

Bullseye Learning tutors help preschoolers with simple addition using manipulatives like the pizza toppings in this interactive math game. Preschoolers learn one-to-one correspondence, which also aids in learning addition.

Practicing Phonics

This site give teachers and parents a place to help preschoolers practice phonics - a key skill in developing their reading before Kindergarten.

Putting Shapes Together

This activity is a good way to help preschoolers understand shapes and parts of a whole. It could also be used with Elementary students studying fractions..\

Brush Your Teeth!

Videos like this one help preschoolers master important everyday skills such as brushing their teeth. With this and other songs, Bullseye Learning tutors help students master life and academic skills.

Sight Word Song

At Bullseye Learning, tutors use sight words as one strategy to help develop young readers’ skills. Music and songs are always good methods to help children learn.

Preparing for School

As a parent, many of us don’t know where to even start in helping our child (or children) with their learning. This site developed by the state offers some good suggestions on how to prepare your children for school.

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