Thanks for checking out all the fun we had at last years summer camp. The info on this page is for last year, the dates, times, themes are different ever year. For information on the 2018 summer camp click here.

Last year Bullseye Learning announced our first ever STEAM Summer Day Camp Science Technology Experiments Arts and More! For 9 exciting weeks students ages 6 to 16. designed ships, cars and parachutes, made exploding 2-liter Coke bottles, built rain clouds, constructed potato clocks and built lemon batteries. Every day was a new experiment and a chance to learn by doing all the fun things you don't get to do in school.

A Day At Camp

Each day, students explored themes using videos, songs, creative writing, sketching, crafts, outdoor exercise, and plenty of fun experiments. Throughout the day, students developed their skills in science, math, reading, writing and art while learning how this relates to their everyday lives and the community. The video below shows some of the fun exciting experiments we did at last year's camp.

Camp Schedule

Week 1 Sprouting Seeds Biology, June 5-9

It all starts with a seed. You’ll learn photosynthesis and the life cycles of plants, trees and flowers. First, you’ll plant your very own seed to observe over the whole summer. Then, you’ll learn about how animals share habitats with plants. You can also use your reading and writing skills to make creative stories related to animals and plants and sharpen your math skills with animal related math games in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Week 2 Body Bio Week, June 12-16

Look out Frankenstein! We’re putting together our own body! A lot happens in our bodies. During this week, you learn about some of the systems in our body (such as the circulatory, nervous and skeletal systems) and how these systems work together so your body can function. You’ll make a variety of contraptions related to the body such as a breathing machine and stethoscope. Additionally, you’ll put together your own paper model of the body, neurons, blood and the brain.

Week 3 What’s the Matter?, June 19-23

What makes up everything? During this week, you will learn about what makes up matter, the different states of matter and how matter changes. You will examine how matter changes by making plastic tags out of milk, ice cream, clouds and fluorescent Jello.

Week 4 Chemistry BOOM!, June 26-30

Get ready to jump from the explosions! This week, we are going to focus on chemical reactions and their results. You’ll develop rockets, boats, crystals and more to learn about chemical reactions.

Week 5 Start Your Engines Physics, July 3-7

Vroom, vroom, vrooooom! This week you’ll design and test all kinds of cars powered by air, gravity, marbles and more while learning the physics of basic motion and force. At the end of the week, we race to find the fastest car. Make sure your design is accurate because another team will build a car to race based on your design.

Week 6 It’s a Bird. It’s a plane…It’s Physics!, July 10-14

This week you’ll take your physics to the SKY! You’ll learn about principles of flight and have an opportunity to create flying machines including airplanes, gliders and parachutes.

Week 7 Today’s Weather Forecast, July 17-21

From snow to sunshine, we’re going to learn about all types of weather and why it occurs. You’ll even get a chance to create your own clouds, thunder and even rainbows. Learn how meteorologists make their predictions and get a chance to make your own predictions.

Week 8 Electric Avenue, July 24-28

What exactly is electricity? How does it flow? How is it made? You’ll learn the answers to these questions and more as you study technology. You can make tinsel fly, see how a real circuit works, make a robot and power a clock with a potato. Turn on your critical thinking skills and get ready for some fun.

Week 9 Geology Rocks and More, July 31-Aug

Get your hands dirty and learn about types of rocks, crystals and volcanoes. Then, you’ll get to make these geological wonders. Also, you’ll learn about the jobs of real geologists and get a chance to dig out some dinosaur bones like a real paleontologist!

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