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Bullseye Learning offers educational services including Tutoring, Enrichment, Home School Services and Test Prep to students of all ages in all subjects along with our annual Summer Camp Exploration & Adventure. We offer affordable options and can help with Grants, Scholarships & Programs online or in person. For more information or to get started click below or call us at 1-844-430-1645.

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Bullseye Learning is excited to announce The Art Experience

A weekly art class experiences where students ages 5 to 14 will learn from true art lovers and educators. We are now enrolling for our Saturday morning classe. Now only $120 per month per! Scroll down to see past art work, meet our amazing and talented teachers.

Weekly Activities

> Painting
> Mosaics
> Clay Sculpting
> Weaving
> Paper Mache
> Origami


> Online art showings
> Art Auctions
> Student designed t-shirt sales
> And much more

Meet The Teacher Ms Carreira

Hello All!

My name is Kayla Carreira. I am currently working as an Art Teacher at Valrico Academy in Riverview, FL. I knew I wanted to teach Art since I was the same age my students are now!

Growing up, I was constantly engaged in some sort of Art project- I think it truly was and still is my way of relieving stress and having fun! I entered many Art contests and competitions hosted by my Elementary and Middle schools, and by the time I entered High School I was lucky enough to have some of my work displayed at a local gallery. I went on to attend a small Art College in Vermont, and eventually Graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Art.

I began my teaching career in the fall of 2018. It unfolded very naturally for me as I enjoy making Art with my students everyday. I feel blessed to be able to watch them foster their own creativity and take pride in themselves and their artwork. My goal with starting a weekly Art Camp is to further engage students in the creative community, and create a fun and safe atmosphere for them to be themselves and enjoy time spent learning Art Techniques with other like-minded children. I am looking forward to working with your young Artists on some awesome projects and keepsakes for them to display at home!

Meet The Teacher Ms Caba

Hi I’m Samantha Caba!

I am an artist from Brooklyn, NY known for my humor, accessibility, and ability to empower students through my message. I have been a mentor and arts and craft specialist for years now. After graduating with a bachelors in Graphic & Media Design my goal is to submerge myself in my two passions: art and teaching. Coming from a low income community, I was not given the resources to flourish in what I loved the most.

I have joined with Bullseye Learning so I can teach students in an environment that provides access to all of the tools and inspiration that beginning artists need. Through innovation, advocacy, and education I want to help move forward to a world where children feel empowered to have a voice. Through my work, I create an environment where it is okay to experiment and create, and where questions are always encouraged. I hold this space so that others may be confident and comfortable in their creativity, no matter what form their art may take.

Class Info


Every Saturday Morning from 9:30am to 11:00am


710 E Bloomingdale Ave. Brandon, FL 33511

ART class tuition

Four monthly 1 -1/2-hour weekly classes including all materials is $120 per month.

Past Art Work

Grants, Scholarships & Programs

Bullseye Learning works with parents and students to help find and apply for the right assistance for each student's needs. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your student.

Upfront Pricing

At Bullseye Learning, we pride ourselves on working with students and parents to create a tailored learning experience that fits how your student learns best. We offer in-home sessions 7 days a week with times that work with your schedule. Read more below about our programs like Tutoring, Enrichment, Step Ahead, Test Prep and our annual summer camp.

Grants, Scholarships

For students that have or are working with grants or scholarship programs like SEED's, Gardiner or Step Up For Students.


We work with grants and scholarship programs and support parents and students to get the help they need. With low locked in rates from now and later.



We honor the rate for any student still need support after the completion of their grants or scholarships program.


Pay As You Learn

Honor Roll

Students looking for 4 to 7 sessions a month.

Starting at $45.00/Hr

Honor Roll Plus

Students looking for 8 or more sessions a month.

Starting at $40.00/Hr

Pay Per Hour

Students looking for pay as you go 1 to 3 sessions a month.

Starting at $50.00/Hr.

Learning For Schools

For Daycare, After School, church, home school groups.

Learning Programs


Tutors pinpoint the specific subjects in which your student needs assistance. Then, along with homework and schoolwork, tutors help build students’ confidence in school and beyond with practice problems, games and book studies to address their specific learning needs.

Offered as one-on-one, group, emergency, in home or at one of our convenient locations.

Even top performing students can benefit from spending more time on subjects that they may not be as strong in as other subjects. With our Summer Enrichment Programs students will work one on one or in a group setting to focus on a subject(s) so they are confident for the upcoming school year.

Offered as one-on-one, group, in home or at one of our convenient locations.
Step Ahead

With this summer program, students get a jump start on the upcoming school year curriculum making them better prepared and giving them an edge for the upcoming school year. Our certified teachers or student teachers work on core subjects students will learn in the next school year. They start with the basics and lead the students up to mastering the skills before summer ends.

Offered as one-on-one, group, in home or at one of our convenient locations.
Test Prep

This program helps students with all kinds of tests. Teachers offer practice test questions and teach students valuable test-taking skills. We offer help for all types of testing including GED, SAT, ACT, CLT, LSAT, and more.

Offered as one-on-one, group, in home or at one of our convenient locations.

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