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With custom curriculums to fit each student's learning style

Upfront Pricing

At Bullseye Learning, we pride ourselves on working with students and parents to create a tailored learning experience that fits how the student learns best. We offer in-home sessions 7 days a week with times that work with your schedule. Read more below about our learning programs like Tutoring, Test Prep and Enrichment.

Grants and Scholarships
For students that have or are working with grants or scholarship programs like SEED's, Gardiner or Step Up For Students.


We work with grants and scholarship programs and support parents and students to get the help they need with low locked in rates so you pay the same now and later.

Starting at $35.00


We honor the rate for any student still needing support after the completion of their grant or scholarship program.

Starting at $35.00

Pay As You Go
For students wanting One-On-One Tutoring, Test Prep or any of our learning programs below.

Honor Roll

Students looking for 4 to 7 sessions a month.

Starting at $45.00

Honor Roll Plus

Students looking for 8 or more sessions a month.

Starting at $40.00

Pay Per Hour

Students looking for pay as you go 1 to 3 sessions a month. With no commitment.

Starting at $50.00

Learning For Schools
For Daycare, After School, church, home school groups.

Learning Programs

Tutors pinpoint the specific subjects in which your student needs assistance. Then, along with homework and schoolwork, tutors help build students’ confidence in school and beyond with practice problems, games and book studies to address their specific learning needs.
Test Prep
This program helps students with all kinds of tests. Teachers offer practice test questions and teach students valuable test-taking skills. We offer help for all types of testing including GED, SAT, ACT, CLT, LSAT, and more.
Even top performing students can benefit from spending more time on subjects that they may not be as strong in as other subjects. With our Summer Enrichment Programs students will work one on one or in a group setting to focus on a subject(s) so they are confident for the upcoming school year.

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